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Curiosity Ignites Our Passion.

At Free Market Ventures we are driven by the desire to discover what’s next. The work we do answers our curiosity of “Where can real estate ventures go?”. We deliver innovative projects through unmatched execution, tenacious networking, and a need to break convention and push the boundaries of success.
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We Push Real Estate Investments Beyond the Horizon of Opportunity.

It takes energy, creativity and confidence to build something new. It takes guts to put your stake in the ground. Free Market Ventures is a new approach to real estate
ventures—overall. We take the conceptual and make it possible; we make the intangible concrete.

Free Market Ventures was established to create opportunities in a new way. Jack Buck, founder, real estate Broker, Developer and Investor, saw that forging deals in today’s market requires foresight, dedicated follow through and a get–it–done attitude. Jack’s entrepreneurial spirit is integrated throughout the firm. It fosters Free Market Ventures’ unique methods in building connections and sourcing innovative deals. These elements support us in uniting the right project and the right team at exactly the right time.

We believe dynamic people drive dynamic projects. Our people are called Free Marketeers. Who are The Free Marketeers? They are the rare breeds of brokers, investment specialists and champions of project management. They are real estate professionals, planners and collaborators. The Free Marketeers work on-site and behind the scenes to ensure every project phase is considered, developed and flawlessly executed. They are the element that set our projects apart. Free Market Ventures’ combination of exceptional people and strategic planning creates an inspired business model that produces results and empowers our clients.

The firm’s open–minded approach to deal making and the real estate process supplies our clients with opportunities unique to today’s market. We channel both boundless inspiration and freedom in business to construct investments and growth across diverse avenues. Free Market Ventures is your partner in creating groundbreaking success.

Crafting Connections and Inventing Possibilities.

Free Market Ventures’ delivers unique opportunities for investment and growth. We do this through an established method of networking, sourcing and vetting deals and our commitment to flawless execution.

We start by uniting people with opportunity.

Our process begins by connecting with interested investors and partners. Free Market Ventures believes that each project requires the right people at the right time to produce a positive outcome. Essentially, we unite ingenious people to create meaningful work.

Free Marketeers support, manage, and insure execution.

Once the partners are set and the deal is cemented, we build teams of Free Marketeers to develop and oversee the project. They manage everything from timelines and budgets to important details like carpet samples and licensing. From kickoff to final touches, this talented team makes all the difference.

Deliver the vision and celebrate.

When the time comes to cut ribbons, we guarantee to deliver on the visions of the client. We are certain of this because they have been involved from the start. That’s the FMV difference: collaboration. Through networking, team building, and commitment to delivery and client satisfaction, our process allows us to make innovative investment opportunities come to fruition.

  • Creating Value in a Void.

    The Virgin Hotel

    Our team thrives off the desire to create new business, including carving out unexpected project channels. The drive to “construct the new” resulted in bringing the first Virgin Hotel to Chicago. To forge this development, the team had to unite many moving parts to bring the project together. They connected with committed partners, negotiated the deal and sourced the perfect building to renovate. Dedicated follow through and serious commitment to execution opened a unique avenue for the Virgin brand. The team is converting a historic landmark building into an astounding hotel that will positively mark the landscape and economy of Chicago’s downtown. The hotel will open May of 2014.

  • A Unique Way to Get it Done.

    111 South Wacker

    Thinking outside the box helps to avoid roadblocks—or blow them apart. Creative problem solving was necessary in developing 111 S. Wacker, a major addition to the Chicago skyline. The team had to manage a range of details from the building’s construction to leasing to tenant support. There were specific management requests from the anchor tenant, a detail that needed to be addressed for the project to move forward. The answer came from simply listening to the tenant and developing a plan that would best fit their needs. From there, the requirements were locked into secure paperwork. This laid the foundation for their needs to always be met. Strategic planning and an innate business sense helped cover the tenant’s requests and allowed the project to flourish. It was a win–win situation for both the client and the team.

  • A Straightforward Path from “Vision” to “Next Project”.

    2 East Erie

    Making visions come to life takes equal parts of industry know-how and resourceful thinking. When challenges arise, they are just opportunities to be turned into value. The opportunity at 2 East Erie was to transform an apartment building into condos, a task requiring careful preparation and unwavering project management. The conversion took heavy renovations and negotiations, which could have held up the project. To protect the project timeline, tactical planning was utilized to produce steel sided construction contracts. The team used clear communication and dedicated account management to negotiate sales contracts to the satisfaction of the homebuyer and the owner. Being able to produce inventive solutions quickly allowed the project to thrive just ahead of the real estate market slowdown.

  • Helping Projects Get-Up-And-Go.

    Reade 57

    Profitable projects come from having a proven plan—and knowing how each piece comes together to make a whole. This approach was critical in the turn around success of Reade 57, a gorgeous condo building in the heart of New York’s Tribeca neighborhood. It needed a guiding hand to bring all the project elements together after a major structural setback. So, the team stepped in to handle every detail from branding the building, to working with the marketing and Sales teams, to trouble shooting design and construction issues. The team managed the different facets through structured planning by simply rolling our sleeves up—working hard and working smart. After it was said and done, with the space ready and the units sold, the team finished the stalled project with flying colors.

About Jack Buck.

Jack Buck is a catalyst in business, a rare combination of instigator, professional powerhouse and positive change agent. Jack seeks to create ventures that span the world of real estate and beyond. In college, Jack started his own record company as a way to promote a band he represented. Though music was not his final calling, Jack’s talent for creative problem solving laid the foundation of his career.

After graduating, Jack joined the John Buck Company, leasing commercial real estate and learning the corporate real estate business. Through his instinctive business sense, Jack became one of the top brokers within the company, spearheading some of JBC’s most profitable projects. Always moving forward, he decided to get his MBA from the University of Chicago. This honed his networking and financial skills and triggered his transition into the development side of real estate. He became a Project Manager and oversaw the financing, construction, leasing and sales of prominent office and residential buildings in Chicago and New York. Jack ran the operations and continued to generate deals for JBC, but his desire to develop projects through his own unique process challenged him to explore new avenues in business.

In 2012 after securing two major hotel deals for JBC, Jack chose to explore his vision for the future in real estate on his own. He established Free Market Ventures as a firm designed to pursue opportunities, develop inspired projects and turn ideas into reality. Jack’s proven process in hunting and sourcing deals while forming effective teams sets Free Market Ventures apart and fuels the company’s high energy approach.

Creating change for the better is a major pillar of Jack’s work. He is a co–founder of Freedom To Learn; a charitable organization dedicated to empowering Illinois families with the ability to send children to the school of their choice. Jack currently serves as a Trustee of the Village of Winnetka, working to make the government more efficient and less costly to run. He is also a board member of the Big Shoulders Fund and Hales Franciscan High School. Jack’s passion for making a difference in the lives of others as well as in business fuels Free Market Ventures position as an effective partner and positive change agent.

Jack Buck

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